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National Registry Implementation FAQ

While the information contained in this news article was current and accurate when we posted it, it may not necessarily represent current WVOEMS policy or procedure. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 304-558-3956.

Posted: Friday, June 8, 2018 5:07 PM

National Registry Implementation FAQ

  1. What will be the effective date for WV to become a National Registry State?

    Implementation is scheduled for January 1, 2019. Replica, however, is a secondary piece that will need to be legislated.

  2. Will any initial EMT class starting prior to the effective date for WV to become a National Registry state still have the state option test?

    All courses completed prior to December 31, 2018 will have the state test option. Any program completing after that date will be required to take National Registry regardless of start date of the class. This includes all individuals who may require retesting etc. All participants should be encouraged to take National Registry from this point forward.

  3. Will passing the National Registry test be required to obtain initial EMR and EMT Certification?

    Yes. Candidates seeking National EMS Certification at the Emergency Medical Responder, Emergency Medical Technician, and Paramedic level take a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT). The advantage of using CAT is that it allows for the construction of a shorter, more precise test that is individualized to each candidate's level of knowledge and skills. A passing standard, identical for all candidates at their level of certification, is used to determine whether a candidate passed or failed the cognitive exam.

  4. Will National Registry open more test centers?

    We have been working with National Registry to identify and open additional test sites as necessary. It is top priority that testing sites be available during the weekend and evening hours that are most beneficial to our EMS community. We will continue to update you on advancements.

  5. Will National Registry make more evening and weekend hours available for testing?

    See number 4

  6. Will EMS Providers who are currently state certified, but not National Registry certified, be required to take the National Registry Test?

    There is always the opportunity for state certified EMS providers to take the National Registry exam and obtain certification, however, this is not required. Individuals who only have a state certification will be entered into the National Registry database but not issued a National Registry certification, submit all recertification material online as a National Registry certified individual would, and become eligible to renew state certification.

  7. Will all people with current WV certifications at all levels be required to be in the National Registry system - EMVO, EMR, EMT, ACT, Paramedic?

    All levels, with the exception of EMVO, will be required to recertify utilizing the National Registry system.

  8. Can someone with a National Registry certification be allowed to respond to calls in West Virginia without a state certification?

    NO. They must be certified in West Virginia to practice in West Virginia. The only exception would be by direct order of the WV State Medical Director in disaster situations and by those events outlined in the Replica program that has NOT been legislated in West Virginia.

  9. What is the process for those with current state certifications to get into the National Registry system?

    That process is still being evaluated. A detailed implementation guide will be developed to guide EMS personnel through the process.

  10. What is the cost for those with current state certifications to get into the National Registry system?

    There will be no cost to enter the system at this time. The fee structure is as follows:

    • EMR initial exam- $75
    • EMR Renewal - $10
    • EMT Initial Exam- $80
    • EMT Renewal - $15
    • Paramedic Initial Exam- $125
    • Paramedic Renewal - $20
  11. What is the process for those who previously had National Registry certification to get the National Registry Certification reinstated?

    Applicants will enter National Registry utilizing the Mark King Initiative and will be issued a National Registry certification regardless of how long it has been expired assuming they had a National Registry certification in the past.

  12. What is the process to recertify National Registry certifications?

    National Registry and West Virginia has adopted the NCCP standards. All records will be submitted electronically to National Registry. They will be reviewed by the squad training officer and then by the squad medical director. If approved, a National Registry card will be immediately available to print.

  13. What is the process to recertify state certifications?

    EMVO will remain the same and will be submitted per policy via paper requirements. All other levels will simply submit the WVOEMS online application and pay the legislated fee (same process as other states). WVOEMS will have access to the National Registry database and will confirm you have met the requirements for certification and issue a state certification.

  14. What is the cost to recertify state certifications?
    • EMVO, EMR, EMT, and Paramedic - Initial - $50
    • EMVO, EMR, EMT, and Paramedic - Renewal - $25
    • Legal Recognition - $100
  15. Will there be a written test for state recertification's?

    No. There will not be a recertification test administered for State or National Registry at any level.

  16. What is the process to enter CE in the National Registry system?

    Each applicant will have a personalized log in the There will be a customized education area where all education is entered. There is also an auto completion as each section's respective requirements are met. In addition, there will be a West Virginia specific section where you enter Haz Mat Awareness, Protocol Refreshers, MCI, and other requirements per policy.

  17. Do individuals have to enter their own CE into National Registry?

    National Registry continues to develop their system in a way that many trainings are auto populated, but the short answer is YES. Individuals will be responsible to enter their own training.

  18. Can a Squad Training Officer or a Training Institution enter CE in the National Registry system for an individual?

    This would be an individualized agreement and cannot be directed or advised upon by WVOEMS or subsidiaries.

  19. Will people have to enter all CE in the National Registry system?

    National Registry will allow you to enter as much CE as you wish, however, you are only required to enter the minimum requirements of each section.

  20. Can CE be listed on the state recertification form that is not in the National Registry System?

    There will not be a State CE form utilized once National Registry is implemented.

  21. Will CIS still be used to track certification status?

    Your status will be updated in CIS but it will not be utilized as a tool to track education.

  22. Will CE still be entered in CIS?


  23. Do training institutions have to confirm completion of classroom time and passing of practical skills in order for someone to take the National Registry test for initial certification?


  24. Do training institutions have to confirm completion of classroom time and passing of practical skills in order for someone to recertify National Registry?

    Squad Training Officers as well as Squad Medical Directors must approve the applicant and the education they have submitted.

  25. Do training institutions have to confirm completion of classes entered in National Registry for CE?

    Squad Training Officers as well as Squad Medical Directors must approve the applicant and the education they have submitted.

  26. Can 16 and 17-year-old individuals receive National Registry certification?

    Not at this time

  27. Will people have to apply to both National Registry and the state for certification and recertification?


  28. Will EMT expiration dates be changed from 12/31 to 3/31 to match National Registry? If so, will three months be added to the certification period or will the date change when new cards are issued?

    The expiration date for EMR will change to September 30. EMT will be changed to March 31 and Paramedic will remain March 31. These will be adjusted as needed with benefit given to the provider.

  29. National Registry is a 2-year certification period and WV is in transition from a 2-year to a 4-year certification period? Will an individual's state certification expiration date be changed to match the same expiration year as National Registry?

    There is no need to match the expiration dates. If an individual has met the requirements of National Registry, they will be issued a State certification.

  30. In addition to maintaining National Registry certification, will state-required Continuing Education still be required for state certification? If so, how will this be tracked and how will people know what is required?

    State required education is mandated through code and rule. It will be tracked in a West Virginia specific education tool within the National Registry system.

  31. Will someone lose state and National Registry certifications if all required CE is not completed? For example, if someone does not complete HazMat Awareness training during each year of a certification period will that prevent recertification?

    Yes. West Virginia certification will be based on maintaining National Registry.

  32. When new policies are developed, and implementation dates are set, how will this be communicated to all of the squads and individual providers in the state?

    There will be an implementation guide developed and sent to all squads in the state. In addition, information will be available at and There will also be regional rollouts across the state.

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