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C3-IFT / CCT Impl. Details

While the information contained in this news article was current and accurate when we posted it, it may not necessarily represent current WVOEMS policy or procedure. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 304-558-3956.

Posted: Monday, June 29, 2009 3:20 PM

For some time, the WV EMS System has been taking steps to implement a Statewide Interfacility Transport program. Some of these steps have included the development and delivery of Critical Care Transport (CCT) and Class 3 Interfacility Transport (C3IFT) training programs as well the development and rollout of CCT and C3IFT protocols and guidelines. These programs were developed to prepare the State's EMS providers to provide care during those interfacility transports where the needed care exceeds the normal scope of practice for EMS providers.

The next logical step in the process is to set an implementation date for the program. After reviewing the delivery status of the various training programs, a decision has been reached to implement the program in September 2009. Prior to the implementation, information explaining the purpose and guidelines for the program will be distributed to each of the state's hospitals.

Therefore, effective 12:01 AM, September 1, 2009 all EMS providers who perform interfacility transports, where the needed care exceeds the current scope of practice for field paramedics, must have complete the C3IFT training program. Paramedics who have not completed this training program will be limited to transporting medications currently authorized for use in the 4000 series of the WV EMS System Protocols. Any patient requiring medications beyond those in the 4000 series must be transported by a C3IFT medic or a CCT crew, in accordance with the attached chart.

Additionally, any patient, regardless of the medications being received or procedures in progress, can be transported as Class 0 CCT. In a Class 0 CCT transport, the sending facility may elect to retain medical responsibility for the patient by sending a physician or qualified registered nurse from the sending facility to care for the patient during transport. The EMS system then provides the vehicle, emergency vehicle operator and one certified EMSA.

The attached chart shows the medications and procedures which may be administered, readministered, or monitored during interfacility transports by the various classes of EMS providers. Items marked "1" or "2" must be managed by an appropriately staffed CCT crew. A Class 1 CCT crew consists of an Emergency Vehicle Operator, CCT-Paramedic, and CCT-RN. A Class 2 CCT crew consists of an Emergency Vehicle Operator and two (2) CCT-Paramedics. Items marked "3" can be transported by a paramedic who has completed the C3IFT course. Items marked"4" can be transported by a paramedic who has not completed the C3IFT, items marked "5" can be transported by an EMSA-Intermediate, and items marked "6" can be transported by an EMT. Medications and procedures not listed on this chart are not permitted to be transported except as a Class 0 CCT, as outlined above. Transporting medications and/or procedures beyond the provider's approved level of care will be considered to be practicing beyond their scope of practice and dealt with accordingly.

As with any new program, we expect questions and concerns to arise. However, we hope strong education of the EMS community and the transferring facilities concerning the appropriate means of transport, and the appropriate agency to complete the transport, will assist in minimizing the effects of these changes. Your assistance in this process will be invaluable.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if I can be of any assistance.

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