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West Virginia Office of
Emergency Medical Services

350 Capitol Street
Room 425
Charleston WV, 25301

Toll Free: 1-888--747-8367
OEMS Phone: (304) 558-3956
OEMS Fax: (304) 558-8379
Trauma Phone: (304) 558-7124
Trauma Fax: (304) 558-7125

Vehicle Equipment Requirement

The Office of Emergnecy Medical Services inpsects EMS vehicles to ensure that they meet the needs of their patients during response and transportation, and so that they contain a consistent amount of equipment and supplies.

The following policy addresses EMS Vehicle Requirements, Fees and the Permit Process for each vehicle class.


The following is a list of required vehicle equipment and supplies for Class B, C, D and Non-Transporting (A) EMS vehicles.


Contact the Agency Licensing Coordinator for more information in regards to these policies.


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